10 Best Hats To Buy On Roblox

Roblox has emphasized its wide selection of accessories available to its players, allowing them to create a character that matches each player’s tastes and styles. Now more than ever, Roblox hats can be used to create a unique character, whether custom-made or gifted by Roblox.

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There have been many new additions since the gaming platform launched, with developers including hats such as baseball caps and fedoras, but full heads and ears. Players can become animals, elves, shadowy characters and more with the long list of possibilities. But which ones have stood out the most to gamers?

ten Cat’s ears

cat ears on a gradient background

Kitty Ears have been around in Roblox for a long time. They are one of the cheaper options for players looking for a nice head accessory, costing only 25 Robux.

This is a cute hat for Roblox animal lovers, allowing players to embrace their inner feline. Players will want to make sure not to wear hair or other accessories that might cover them as they don’t extend too far from the character’s head or too big. These are perfect for gamers ready to dive into the best animal farming simulations or animal role-playing games.

9 Snow Fluffy Headband

blurred white banner on gradient background

This special bespoke hat is available in the Avatar Store for 70 Robux and is a great hat for winter settings or games during Christmas. Ellzd created this blurry banner.

This furry headband is the perfect hat for gamers ready to dive into snowy landscapes or wintry scenarios. It’s also great to top off those holiday spirit outfits in preparation for games happening over Christmas. The Fuzzy Headband pairs well with a high ponytail or spiky hair that would extend higher than the fluffy material.

8 Robox

This humorous yet interesting hat shaped like the Roblox logo is free for players in the Avatar Store. The Robox is a super original accessory for players who don’t mind wearing a box on their head.

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The Robox isn’t just any box, but a blue-lit Roblox logo that players can scroll over the top of their head. It’s not just great because it’s free, but because it can be used to create a truly unique look for characters. It doesn’t really pair well with other hair or accessories due to its shape, so players who equip it may want to consider it.

7 Black Trendy Hat

This trendy black hat is another great design from Ellzd that looks like a black bucket hat. This hat allows gamers to explore their most stylish fantasies by pairing it with their other current on-trend fits.

This more realistic-looking hat is a great buy for fashion-loving, casual Robloxians. It has been used to create high fashion looks or liven up any other plain outfit. It fits perfectly with almost any hair and other more subtle accessories and will match the outfit of any character. Robloxians can keep up with trends even on Roblox with this hat on.

6 Helm of Valkyrie

The limited edition Valkyrie Helm is one of the most sought after hats in the store. It is currently up for auction, allowing other players to sell it for 198,000 Robux.

The beautiful blue headdress was designed to resemble the helmet worn by the Norse mythological group of deities, the Valkyries. The specific helmet is the original version of the hat, although several other versions are available in the store. Players who manage to get their hands on one of the limited games can actually earn some pretty decent money, not to mention it looks pretty cool on the characters.

5 Elf ears with white piercings

elf ears with earrings on gradient background

Robloxians looking for a suitable fantasy outfit for the best RPGs on Roblox or just to change up their character’s look can purchase the elf ears with white piercings by inkwaves for 79 Robux.

Mystic ears have dangling earrings and other elegantly draped piercings. The ears come in several different skin tones so players can precisely match them to their characters. They extend quite far from the character’s head, which makes it easier to associate them with various hairs. Players can become the elf they always wanted to be, for role-playing or just for the stunning appearance.

4 Roblox Cap

black cap that says roblox on gradient background

The Roblox Baseball Cap is another great free hat option offered by Roblox that can be used for endless styling possibilities. People see how easily a hat can spice up even the most bland look, whether they’re going to a sports game, hiking or traveling.

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The simple dad hat can be matched with any outfit and used with other accessories to complete a unique look at no cost. Players can spice up their look for any occasion on Roblox with this cap. Even players who can’t afford Robux for hats can use it to create a great look for their character, especially when paired with other great accessories.

3 holiday wreath

crown made of leaves and pearls on gradient background

Roblox is offering another great hat for the holidays with the Holiday Crown for 50 Robux. This simple and festive design is what players need to create that special holiday outfit.

The earthy holiday crown’s minimalist appearance is perhaps a better option than other holiday or winter hats, allowing players to use it with almost any hair and not be limited. It can also be used for more than just a holiday accessory. Players can use it for fantasy role-playing or other earth life costumes.

2 Butterfly hat

white bucket hat with blue butterfly on gradient background

The butterfly hat is another realistic and realistic design sold by french_rxses in the Avatar store for 70 Robux. Fashion-loving Robloxians won’t be able to resist this cute white bucket hat.

This takes bucket hats to the next level with cute lace edges and a full HD graphic printed on the front. The butterfly hat is the perfect topper for any outfit, matched with more butterflies or not. It looks best with long straight hair or other flat hair. Players can bring their Robloxian style to role model status.

1 shaded head

Maplestick’s Shadowed Head can be purchased for as little as 50 Robux. It’s more than just a hat, but a whole new head for players looking for a darker aesthetic.

Players looking to completely change their character’s aesthetic can purchase this dark head. It covers the character’s normal head, stripping it of all facial features, replacing it with that dark, mysterious gradient. It looks good with bangs or balaclavas that dip into the character’s face. Gamers can embrace their darkness and create an ominous figure with this affordable accessory and get ready to jump into the best anime games.

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