A $140 Hoboken sweatshirt sold at Urban Outfitters, part of “Y2K”

HOBOKEN, NJ – Would you pay $140 for a HOBOKEN hoodie from Urban Outfitters?

Well, if you were one of the youngsters following the “Y2K” fashion trend, you might.

Recently, the clothing company began selling a gray Russell Athletic “Vintage Y2K Hoboken College” sweatshirt with “Hoboken” written in red, as part of the Y2K Fashion trend.

The trend is called “polarizing“by some.

Pop culture site Refinery 29 Explain it’s a nostalgic trend towards clothing from the late 1990s to early 2000s.

Remember how kids growing up in the 1970s were treated to movies and shows about the 1950s (Grease, Happy Days?) and the 1980s were filled with references to the ’60? It’s something like that.

According to the website, “LLow waist jeans and tube top snuck onto TikTok last year. Damn, Y2K trends are now even embraced by millennials who have already experienced these thrilling styles during their teenage years.”

There’s good news: “Clothes that revive those turn-of-the-century looks are better than ever and easier to wear than they were before. For example, we see Low waist jeans which actually cover the loot…”

The ass of course!

So why Hoboken?

Hoboken and the year 2000

Urban Outfitters PR executives didn’t respond to inquiries until press time, but we can still take a look at what was happening in Hoboken in the first decade of the 2000s:

  • After a halt in development in the early 1990s, new apartments were going up.
  • The light rail opened in 2004 and…
  • Young people saw Hoboken as a destination. Around 2010, basketball star Kris Humphries moved there and brought his fiancée Kim Kardashian to Stacks Pancakes and ShopRite. The stars of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” have also settled here.

But in reality, there is no “Hoboken University”. The city has the Stevens Institute of Technology overlooking the Hudson River.

How much would you pay?

So… would you pay $140?

August 7, someone tweeted, “Scrolling through UO and trying to figure out who’s buying a $140 hoodie that says Hoboken.”

However, by Tuesday morning, the shirts were sold out.

Do not despair ! You can get a wide variety of Hoboken hoodies and t-shirts on Hoboken’s main street, Washington Street, at Cheap Maggie’s. And look at the price:

No additional zeros required.

Cheap Maggie is located at 216 Washington Street

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