Dak Prescott’s Girlfriend Natalie Buffett Makes Bold Statement on Jacket

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has had an exceptional year.

The athlete has the Cowboys on a four-game playoff-winning streak, a feat the team hasn’t been able to celebrate in three years.

While Prescott may have surprised the crown with four touchdowns against Washington on Sunday, Dak Prescott’s girlfriend Natalie Buffett has made a bold fashion statement on the sidelines.

Sporting a denim jacket with “Cowboys Make Better Lovers” embroidered on it, Buffett’s jacket has gone viral Social media.

Who is Natalie Buffett?

Prescott is notoriously silent about his private life, and after losing his mother and brother, he often refuses to discuss his romantic relationships in the press.

Reports that Prescott was dating the 24-year-old influencer came out in July 2020.

Buffett has more than 66,000 subscribers on Instagram and usually posts photos from trips and celebrations she and Prescott are on.

Born in Florida, she studied civil engineering at Southern Methodist University. Buffett decided to turn his attention to social media, sharing insights into his healthy lifestyle, recipes, and style tips with his followers.

After her influencer career started to take off, Buffett joined the modeling world and was touted as the COED Girl of the Day for her online presence.

His relationship with Prescott

Buffett has been a strong supporter of the quarterback on social media and is seen regularly supporting him at every Cowboys game.

Prior to the jacket, she was pictured wearing shorts with Prescott’s jersey number in September.

The September game against the Buccaneers in Tampa, which took place at Raymond James Stadium, was important for Buffett, who took to Instagram send a message to his partner.

“I grew up in this stadium wearing my [Mike] Alstott jersey in every game. Only to leave my home country and come back to cheer on my own boyfriend in the same stadium surrounded by my family. God is good, ”the Florida native wrote in an aerial photo overlooking the Bucs field. Go get them baby @ _4dak.

Although Prescott and his team lost 29-31, Buffett has told fans she is grateful for the game and the relationship it has brought her.

Prescott said his relationship with Buffett was a big factor in his recovery from a serious foot injury last season.

Rumors of Prescott’s retirement

In October 2020, the quarterback suffered a brutal leg injury in the win over the New York Giants, putting Prescott out of service for the remainder of the season.

Prescott had to undergo several surgeries after the incident and therefore had to take medical leave until doctors were sure he could make a full recovery.

His path to recovery has been a time of uncertainty, as an injury as severe as Prescott’s had led many star athletes to early retirement.

Despite concerns about his future with the NFL, Prescott had a strong support system around him.

Defended by his girlfriend, Prescott wasn’t ready to hide from the public and continued to appear regularly on Buffett’s social media – including a Halloween photoshoot where he wore his cast and crutches.

He owes his recovery to an AI machine, the OxeFit XP1, which he helped fund and in which he was a significant investor during his recovery period.

According to Prescott, AI technology analyzed his squatting form and located the problem with him putting too much weight on his leg.

He was then instructed on how to restructure his rehabilitation exercises so that he was safe in the long run.

In May 2021, Prescott appeared in an interview with Sage Steele on ESPN to discuss mental health in the world of sport.

The year before, the star quarterback had decided to start treatment for anxiety and depression following the suicide of his older brother Jace.

“When you have thoughts that you never had, I think it’s more than anything a chance to realize it and recognize it, to be vulnerable about it” Prescott said Graham Besinger.

He added:

“I talked to my family, I talked to people around me just like I did back then. Some of them had obviously already touched on it, been able to have these conversations and then speak to more people. “

Having lost his mother to colon cancer in 2013, Prescott relied heavily on the support of his brothers and said the loss of their mother affected Jace the most.

Aside from his family and girlfriend, Prescott knew he had to ask the team for their support.

Prescott explained how he was dealing with the tragedy, injury and pandemic to his teammates and enlisted the help of sports psychologist Chad Bohling.

The post-injury crisis

At the start of the 2021 NFL season, it looked like Prescott had made a full recovery and was back in peak form.

After seven games, however, it looked like the Cowboy’s offense needed some work.

Many fans predicted that Prescott’s recovery may not be as advanced as it should have been and that the quarterback is struggling to get back into the game after a long period of absence.

Fans and football analysts believed his right calf had persistent physical damage that was stressing Prescott mentally and physically.

On December 28, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones retracted his earlier claim that Prescott was in crisis after the quarterback put in spectacular performances in back-to-back games.

Prescott’s performance against Washington was a momentous event for the Cowboys.

They racked up the points total in this year’s highest NFL game of the season with their 56-14 win.

Prescott completed 28 of 39 passes for 330 yards and finished the game with four touchdowns.

In his weekly 103.5 The appearance of the fan radioJones joked about the existence of a Prescott slump.

He said:

“Sure, I think the execution says it all.… The play appeal was exceptional. The execution. His readings. His ability to take the ball out, get on his feet well, make those throws. Everything. it worked.… We managed to balance (run / pass).

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