Farrah Abraham Burns a ‘Teen Mom’, a Harvard sweatshirt amid a dispute

Old Teen mom star Farrah Abraham can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Abraham has been fighting Harvard University for some time, threatening to take legal action against the university. The controversial reality TV star recently took to social media to set her Harvard sweatshirt on fire. Previously, she had accused the university of “educational abuse”.

Abraham, 30, used a blowtorch to burn the white sweatshirt. She reposted the TikTok video on Instagram, captioning the video, “Thanks to therapists for the tools over the years to overcome abuse @harvard shirt will fundraise for mental health. Educational abuse, financial abuse won’t are not what I choose or what I allow, #culture of consent # 1. “

Abraham also called herself a “teacher”. The MTV alum was kicked out of her online course via Zoom by her teacher after being encouraged to drop out of the class.

She lambasted the Ivy League in a Yelp review, saying she had received minimal help after going through more private channels. Per Abraham, his teacher, Patricia Bellanca, told him that his writing skills were poor and suggested that he move to a lower level class.

In the Instagram post, Abraham sued, accusing the university of stealing his money. “I will never block anyone out of the zoom or lie and bully a student and defraud him with money like Harvard and many others, so I am now reading about this epidemic #discrimination is illegal. #Law #Omaha DO NOT get you miss !, “she added. “Students, I have received your messages and emails, I am sorry and I sympathize with the educational abuse! Take action on the laws and the laws will be enforced. #Harvardreview #mentalhealth #healing #theraputic.”

His 12-year-old daughter, Sophia, who featured on the reality show for nearly a decade, commented on the “Legendary” post – alongside a few fiery emojis.

Page Six reports that Abraham was enrolled in “Intermediate Screenwriting” and “Humanities Writing” courses, but did not get any credit.

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