How to buy Balenciaga’s Ukraine sweatshirt to raise money for United24 charity

Balenciaga creative director Demna has designed a charity sweatshirt to raise funds for Ukraine and support refugees.

The Georgian fashion designer has teamed up with President Volodymyr Zelensky for a special project on the United24 platform.

Here’s how to buy the sweatshirt and support the charity to raise funds.

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How to buy Balenciaga’s Ukraine sweatshirt

The Balenciaga sweatshirt designed by Demna was created in collaboration with the United24 charity project.

The sweatshirt was released to collect humanitarian aid for Ukraine and refugees. All net profits from the shirt will be donated to Rebuild Ukraine Direction.

You can buy the charity shirt for €200 (around £168) on Balenciaga’s United24 platform. The sweatshirt is made from vintage organic cotton jersey and it comes in one size.

Shipping will start from August 26, 2022, according to the website.

Rebuild Ukraine Direction is focused “on renovating essential infrastructure such as roads, bridges, hospitals and schools to allow refugees to return home and start their lives anew,” according to a United24 statement.

Demna is on board as an ambassador

Balenciaga’s creative director, Demna, is the ambassador of the charity project initiated by Zelenskyy.

Demna, who is a refugee from Georgia, opened up about the initiative and said in an Instagram post: “I am honored to become a United24 Ambassador. I know very well and I feel the pain that Ukrainians are going through. I thought a lot about how I could help Ukraine and all the refugees who want to return home.

“That’s why I decided to focus on the humanitarian direction “Ukraine Recovery”. And the special sweatshirt we created at Balenciaga will be a sort of message of support for Ukraine.

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Learn more about the initiative

Those who do not wish to buy a sweatshirt can contribute to the project in the form of donations. United24 accepts donations by bank transfer and other methods.

According to the charity, the funds were used for defense and mine clearance and humanitarian and medical aid. The funds will soon be used for the renovation of damaged infrastructure in Ukraine, according to the project.

Zelenskyy said in a statement: “Thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciated. It is extremely important to keep the world’s attention on Ukraine in order to help rebuild our country.

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