Jets’ Adam Lowry on Hats, Suits and His # 1 Place in Our NHL Style Power Rankings – The Athletic

Andrew Copp chuckled, then rolled his eyes.

He swiveled back and forth in the Matt Frost Media Center as if to collect his thoughts. Then Copp leaned forward and shared his side of the truth.

“I mean, a lot of his costumes are really cool. He’s doing pretty well. “

Evgeny Svechnikov intervened.

“I think it just tastes good. And a lot of style too.

This is, of course, Adam Lowry, the new No.1 on the Athletic NHL Style Power Rankings.

He’s a man of notorious taste, with a wide variety of hats and, according to our Sara Civian, the most stylish man in the NHL last week.

Civian started the NHL-style power rankings to celebrate the loosening of dress codes in the league and to appreciate players who are ready to think big and be bold with their fashion.

“Anytime you think he won’t be able to outperform his latest look, he does,” Civian writes of Lowry’s astounding array of jumpsuit suits. “The range is breathtaking. “

Copp is a longtime friend of Lowry’s. Svechnikov is just getting to know him.

Both agree with Civian – and both share the same take on what makes Lowry’s style vibrate.

“I’m not a hat guy,” Copp said. “(But) I think that’s what puts him at the top in terms of adding to this style.”

“Hats, like (Andrew) said,” Svechnikov repeated. “I think that takes him to the top.”

We’ll let Lowry speak for himself in a moment.

He will tell us where he was and which teammates he was with when he first discovered his love of hats.

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