Josh McDaniels of the Patriots Let His Sweatshirt Speak For Him


Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

How much do the New England Patriots believe in their rookie class from 2021? Just read Josh McDaniels’ sweatshirt from Monday September 6th and you can see it.

NBC Sports’ Phil A. Perry tweeted this image which also included a quote from McDaniels explaining his dress choice:

Quote from McDaniels: “Nobody knows anything about this class of recruits yet. … Hopefully they can keep their heads down and keep grinding.

McDaniels added that the shirt was placed in his office, and since it was free, he was in it.

We hear you, Josh, but it’s hard to believe it wasn’t a show of support and a bit of a chest throb based on the belief of the coaching staff in their rookie class.

After being much maligned for their recent draft history, the Patriots finally seem to have hit the target with several picks. The confidence starts with quarterback Mac Jones, who the team loved so much that they took out former NFL MVP Cam Newton.

Jones has all the support he needs to be successful

The Alabama rookie quarterback is starting an NFL career as well as any young quarterback could wish. Don’t take that to mean things are handed over to him.

Jones worked for this too. Still, he landed on solid ground in New England.

Jones garnered a lot of respect from his teammates. For a man, they are all about his work ethic and his self-confidence. He apparently won their membership for his rookie season. Players like Jonnu Smith have recently expressed their support and approval for Jones.

That’s a far cry from some of the things we’ve heard from Miami regarding Tua Tagovailoa in 2020, when it looked like the veterans were against him playing against Ryan Fitzpatrick. Jones has a lot to do based on the decisions Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels made, the love he received from his teammates and the media, and the high comparisons he received from fans.

Jones was dynamite in the Patriots preseason, but he has to prove he can keep that pace when games matter.

Patriots rookie class goes beyond Jones

The conversation always starts with the quarterback, but when you look at early feedback on some of the other picks New England made in April, there are several positive signs.

Some have predicted that running back Rhamondre Stevenson will overtake Damien Harris as the team’s running back. Stevenson led the NFL in rushing yards and touchdowns this preseason and has better hands in the receiving game than Harris.

Christian Barmore proved to be a force ahead and undrafted rookie free agent Quinn Nordin won the starting kicking post against veteran Nick Folk. There are others who could make an impact like Ronnie Perkins.

While all of their contributions could be the key to the Patriots ‘wins and losses in 2021, the overall success of the class will be determined by Jones’ performance. We won’t know the definitive answer after 2021, but McDaniels’ jersey indicates that hopes are high.

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