Kurt Warner’s jacket eclipsed his recent gaming commentary [PHOTO]

Days before his biopic officially opened on the big screen, former NFL star Kurt Warner made a splash with his outerwear this week when he commented on a professional football game on the NFL Network.

It was in a Monday night game, but not THE Monday night game because Warner called the postponed game between the Cleveland Browns and the Las Vegas Raiders. It was a contest that had been postponed from the weekend due to COVID concerns, but it was in Cleveland where temperatures were in the freezing 30s. Now, okay, both teams involved are doing a little less than spectacular this season, so it’s no surprise that as soon as people saw this jacket, social media exploded. From the burrito to the astronaut, to, and rightly so at this time of year, to the Hershey’s kiss, the comparisons kept on going.

Even the NFL network had a little fun with it. I also want to know why her comment partner Joe Davis looks like Joe Buck with dyed hair.

The social media team for Kurt’s upcoming movie also had fun:

According to Sports news, Warner had a good sense of humor about it, posting a few tweets himself:

Not to mention the fact that it obviously makes comparisons to George Costanza’s coat on Seinfeld.

I mean, now that Kurt is a huge Tinseltown star, you can’t fault him for wanting to look like that role. “An American outsider” premieres in theaters This weekend.

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