Lots of hats worn by an actor / leader at the Door County Theater

FISH STREAM, Wisconsin (WFRV) – A lot of people are good at doing more than one thing.

A particularly talented woman is currently performing at the Northern Sky Theater in Door County.

Molly Rhode wears more than a hat in many ways for the professional business.

She is currently seen in the musical “Naked Radio” (my review) playing many roles.

When Molly Rhode literally changes her hat, she becomes a different person, mostly women but sometimes men.

She also changes her voice to sound a lot like many Door County personalities.

My favorite is the crazy fan of the “Doctor Who” TV series who can detail all the episodes from memory while playing an electronic musical instrument called an omnichord… om-ni-chord.

Several times in the show, Molly Rhode plays standing bass.

Behind the scenes, Molly Rhode is a decision maker as Associate Artistic Director of the Northern Sky Theater.

She starred in many lead roles in the company’s original productions.

They include a Rosie the Riveter type character in “Loose Lips Sink Ships” and a mail order bride in the popular “Lumberjacks in Love”. There were many others.

Molly Rhode is also a choreographer and director, the latter for “Whatever Happened to Karl Janko?” (my opinion) which will run until September 18 in the open air hall of the Northern Sky Theater in Peninsula State Park.

Dressed in another on “Naked Radio,” she appears on stage with her husband, Chase Stoeger.

In real life, the two have a daughter – so Molly Rhode also has a mom’s hat.

Molly Rhode is busy, busy, busy with the business, and she knows how to hang on – just like she did when the villainous “When Butter Turns To Gold” character hung her by the wrists.

Performances of “Naked Radio” continue through November 6 inside the Gould Theater.

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