MOAs put on their detective hats to make sense of the story

TXT released the highly anticipated Frost music video on October 28 KST and it goes without saying that the fandom is going crazy for it. Frost is a B-side track from the band’s second studio album, The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE. Simply put, the clip is a mix of Marvel and Alice in Wonderland.

Like the group’s previous clips, Frost takes the script and visuals up a notch by delivering an epic cinematic The Star Seekers story in just four minutes. MOAs have become detectives and are looking for clues that will help them connect the dots in the storyline. So far, many of them have been successful.

TXT releases clip for B-side track Frost, MOAs are working hard to figure out the story

HYBE’s strong point is a complex storyline and TXT’s, as BTS frontman RM revealed, is even more complex than theirs. Frost’s clip, filled with Easter eggs every five seconds, is proof of that.

Frost confirms the MOA theory that boys can travel in time and even in dimensions. In the first half of the video, TXT moves from the ordinary or real world to another, filled with flowers, sunshine, and all the good stuff. However, it soon takes a dark turn when they encounter a mysterious fortune teller and so begins The Star Seekers’ journey.

Each member’s character struggles to fight their demons for their lives. By the end of the video, the members manage to get back to the real world just in time before everything around them is destroyed. But unfortunately they brought the book back with them.

Check out the clip below:

With several things to think about, read on to learn some theories and clues that MOAs have found.

THEY HAVE THREE WAY / WAY TO GET TO MAGIC ISLAND ig? Magic Island – Train Run Away – Pool AlleyFrost – Sinkhole FROST MV EXIT NOW #FROSTMV

A fan Tweeterd about Huening Kai having an evil side and fighting his own shadow. Many others have Noted that the child on the toy horse Soobin sees in his fire engulfed crystal ball is the child Huening Kai from the Eternally clip.

Yeonjun is stuck in a desert fighting a monster, and Taehyun barely clings to a dead tree full of crows. With Beomgyu stuck in a paradox, or perhaps opening Pandora’s Box, a Golden Key, Eggs, the Mysterious Man – TXT’s Frost opens a whole new chapter.

Meanwhile, TXT’s next release is their Japanese comeback album Chaotic Wonderland. It will be released on November 10, 2021.

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