Review: Altura Endurance Mistral Softshell Jacket for Women

The Women’s Altura Endurance Mistral Softshell Jacket is lightweight, comfortable, and offers good windproof and reasonable rain protection for outings in the fall / early winter. It’s also a good mid layer for the colder rides.

This jacket claims to protect against downpours, and it certainly did well, with no water penetrating through the parts of the jacket treated with DWR (durable water repellent). Seams are always a potential entry point for rain, and the Mistrals aren’t sealed to prevent this from happening during prolonged downpours.

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Softshells with better rain protection are available, but at a cost. I think at this price Altura offers something respectable in the rain protection arena, but not perfect.

The Mistral was really effective against Fenland winds. With a narrow but not tight collar and sleeves that are easy to slip on over gloves, this jacket really shields the breeze – half the battle of staying warm in the colder months.


For a relatively waterproof jacket, it is really very breathable. While some may want more warmth, it’s perfect for cold fall outings and the semi-tailored fit works well under a hardshell jacket for colder days.

I have found it to work well up to around 6-7 ° C on a single base coat. It was also loose enough to be layered over a long sleeve jersey for the start of a hike, then removed when the temperature rose later in the day.

2021 Altura Endurance Mistral Softshell Jacket Woman - inside.jpg

The three deep pockets are protected by their own rain flap. While this is great for keeping items dry, it does mean that accessing anything that is in motion requires a bit of handling, and the material is so smooth it’s easy to miss. There is no zippered pocket, but you would have to try hard enough for something to fall out.

2021 Altura Endurance Mistral Softshell Jacket Woman - pocket.jpg

I was really confused by the choice of material for the bottom of the sleeve, which changes from softshell to a fine green rubbery fabric for the last 6 inches or so. The intention is to provide a weather resistant seal, but that seems overkill. It also offers no warmth or breathability, and if the rain gets to your wrist, your arms get wet and stay moist.

2021 Altura Endurance Mistral Softshell Jacket Woman - manche.jpg

Altura presents the heats as “keeping the wind at bay”, but frankly, I would have preferred a little warmth. I tend to wear a watch-based heart rate monitor when riding a bike, and this style of armband doesn’t store it away and maintain a good seal against the wind.

Technically this jacket is ‘navy / green’, but in all fairness it looks charcoal and green to me – the promo photos look bluer. Having said that, I liked it a lot, but my “street” coats are mostly gray or teal, so maybe I’m a little biased.

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A gray winter jacket might be considered a bad idea by some (especially drivers on Twitter). The Mistral has reflectors for night riding that extend from the neck to the bottom and along both arms. They are inconspicuous in daylight but work well under the headlights of cars.

Softshell jacket for women Altura Endurance Mistral 2021 - reflective back.jpg

The Mistral is available in sizes 8-18 and as usual with this brand it is a similar size to the regular street size. As a semi-fitted jacket, it’s a good slim fit, but with room for layering.


This is probably the cheapest women’s softshell we’ve reviewed in quite some time, falling under the £ 120 Giro Ambient or Fat Lad At The Back’s £ 154 women’s winter cycling jacket. . However, it is in line with similar mid-range brands such as £ 110 from dhb. Aéron Equinoxe.


This jacket offers a lot for the price – most winter softshells we review are more expensive – and while not ideal on its own in very cold weather, it is versatile with layers from early fall through. ‘at Easter.


Good windproof and useful shower resistance, and warmth that works well with other layers

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Brand and model : Softshell jacket Altura Endurance Mistral for women

Tell us what the jacket is for and who it is for. What do the manufacturers say? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Altura says: “Keep the cold out when the temperature drops with this stylish waterproof softshell jacket.

Designed to keep warmth in and out of the rain, the Mistral Jacket features a smart outer DWR treatment to protect from downpours and road spray, while a high-rise inner fleece density provides thermal efficiency. Elasticity and breathability provide increased comfort while the cuffs are contoured and sculpted the neckline provides improved functionality and keeps drafts at bay. Reflective panels for increased visibility to others and three rear pockets complete this great all-rounder.

Tell us a bit more about the technical aspects of the jacket?

– Durable water repellent coating

– 245 g / m² softshell fabric with ultra-loft fleece interior

– 3 hidden back pockets

– Sculpted windproof collar

– Large reflectivity area

– Shaped cuff

– Semi-fitted

Rate the jacket for build quality:


Usually well done, but the seams on one cuff started to peel after three rides and one wash.

Rate the jacket for its performance:


The windbreaker is good and the water resistance was adequate for showers, but I don’t think this jacket holds up to the cold as well as you might expect.

Rate the jacket for its durability:


Rate the jacket for waterproofness based on the manufacturer’s rating:


Rate the breathability of the jacket based on the manufacturer’s rating:


For a jacket designed to be waterproof, the breathability is very good and I didn’t overheat.

Rate the jacket for fit:


Altura says it is “semi-adjusted” and I agree; you can layer it easily.

Rate the jacket for size:


It is available in sizes 8-18 and they are accurate.

Evaluate the jacket for weight:


It’s a lightweight softshell.

Rate the jacket for its comfort:


It’s a little cooler than you might expect for a softshell, but comfortable to wear.

Evaluate the jacket for its value:


Is the jacket easy to maintain? How did he react to washing?

End at 30 degrees.

Tell us how the jacket performed overall when used for its intended purpose

Can withstand showers and is usefully windproof, but it’s not the warmest of softshells.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the jacket

I liked the feel of it, and its semi-fitted nature makes it versatile for layering.

Tell us what you didn’t particularly like about the jacket

I did not like the ends of the thin rubber sleeves.

How does the price compare to similar products on the market, including those recently tested on

This is possibly the cheapest women’s softshell we’ve reviewed in quite some time, falling under the £ 120 Giro Ambient or £ 154 FLAB deals mentioned in the review. However, it does conform to similar mid-range brands such as the £ 110 Aeron Equinox from dhb.

Did you like using the jacket? Yes

Would you consider purchasing the jacket? Yes

Would you recommend the jacket to a friend? Yes

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The Alturance Endurance Mistral is a good value softshell, which will accompany you for two seasons and, if used as a layer, will also come in handy in the colder months.

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