Review: Galibier Tourmalet 3 jacket

The Galibier Tourmalet 3 Jacket is waterproof and breathable, the fit works well and is compact enough to fit in a jersey pocket. I think it’s a good deal for £ 68; it’s as good as jackets two or three times the price.

The Tourmalet is a slightly more rugged version of Galibier’s Tempest Pro jacket that Stu reviewed and rated 9/10 a few years ago.

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While the Tempest Pro is designed to be lighter (by 25g, according to Galibier) and more compact, the Tourmalet is still light enough and folds up small enough to fit in your jersey pocket without being in the way.

This third version of the Tourmalet jacket saw the light of day with the use of a new Hydrastop 2.3+ membrane, according to Galibier. The new material offers better waterproofing than the previous version, with a waterproof rating of 15k and a breathability rating of 13.5k.

It retains double stitching for durability, while sealed seams, a storm zipper, and a high collar help keep the rain out.

Non-waterproof keeps you dry in all conditions; eventually you will get wet from the rain entering through the holes at the top and bottom and where your arms come out, and / or by your sweat, depending on the intensity of your work and how you have planned the diapers you are wearing below. It all depends heavily on the circumstances.

That said, I agree with Stu that the HydraStop fabric that Galibier uses in the Tempest Pro and Tourmalet jackets is impressive in its resistance to rain and its ability to keep you at a comfortable temperature without overheating and giving you that. dreaded feeling of boiling in the bag.

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And it’s a new and better version of the HydraStop fabric than the one used in the Tempest Pro that Stu was testing, so all things being equal, he would be even more impressed with the new Tourmalet, as it’s even more waterproof and breathable.

Galibier Tourmalet 3 2021 jacket - shoulder logo.jpg

I would happily use the Tourmalet for rainy outings of any length; it kept me comfortable in pretty epic downpours.


The Tourmalet has a fairly pronounced drooping tail (which the Tempest doesn’t have), to help keep out road spray if your mount isn’t tangled.

Jacket Galibier Tourmalet 3 2021 - tail.jpg

The waterproof zip is off-center, which Galibier says reduces collar bulk when worn over a jersey. It’s not something I’ve ever had a particular problem with. The zip has a large tag which helps when you are wearing gloves or your fingers are cold.

This tag is also made of reflective material, as well as on the entire waist hem and some small details on the cuffs.

Galibier Tourmalet 3 jacket 2021 - hem.jpg

The cuffs are made from a non-waterproof stretch material which is more pleasant to the touch than the interior of the HydraStop.

Galibier Tourmalet 3 jacket 2021 - cuff 1.jpg

At the top of the shoulders there is a ventilation flap to help with a little air circulation to keep you from overheating.

Galibier Tourmalet 3 jacket 2021 - vent.jpg

What is a bit of a shame is that the jacket is only available in this blue colourway; if you’re looking for something to get around in an urban setting, you might want something brighter and more reflective.


With a 38 inch bust, I am between medium and large on the Galibier size chart. I am reviewing a medium here and this is the size I would choose. It’s a pretty tight fit, and that’s what I like best.

Galibier designed it for a “little flap” and recommends a size up for a more relaxed fit or if you want to wear it over a winter jacket.

Jacket Galibier Tourmalet 3 2021 - back.jpg

Perfect over a jersey or base layer. It still works over a long sleeve jersey like Stolen Goat’s Orkaan, although it does get too tight in the forearm, although I do smaller trees for a living mine are quite well developed . Other comparable raincoats, such as Endura’s Pro SL Shell Jacket and Pactimo’s Torrent Stretch Raincoat (which will be revised soon) have a very similar forearm size; it’s me, not the jacket.

I think Galibier called it the right size to wear over a winter jacket; the midrange is too tight on me compared to something like Stolen Goat’s Climb and Conquer jacket, but only really in the forearms. I didn’t really see myself wearing a raincoat over this particular jacket anyway; it would be way too hot and the C&C is pretty waterproof on its own. However, if you think you might want to wear it over a jacket, I would go one size up.


For £ 68 you get what you pay for. We looked at cheaper, like the Pro Vision Piccolo Rain Jacket, which costs £ 40 and which Stu says didn’t really offer much to keep you dry. But looking at the jackets we’ve tested over the past two years, most cost more – some a lot more: NVPA’s Storm jacket, for example, costs £ 240.


Overall, the Tourmalet jacket is really effective in protecting against the rain, while also keeping you from overheating. It looks good on me, although like other raincoats it’s a bit tight on my forearms. It can be folded small enough to easily fit in a jersey pocket and performs as well as double or triple the price jackets.


Breathable and highly waterproof, does everything much more expensive jackets do

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Brand and model : Galibier Tourmalet 3 jacket

Tell us what the jacket is for and who it is for. What do the manufacturers say? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Galibier says:

“A compressible jacket to keep you warm when cycling in the rain or when rain is expected.

Our new Tourmalet was born with the launch this year of a new HydraStop 2.3+ membrane. Advances in fabric technology have allowed us to provide even more protection with the new 15k / 13.58k * materials, but our Tourmalet would now be compressible. We’ve kept the famous fit and taped seams that are doubled for durability. Storm zip and stand-up collar to protect you when the sky opens. New off-center zip to reduce the bulk of the collar worn over the swimsuits. The three-tone blue finish with reflective highlights keeps you visible. Can be worn over a base layer in spring and summer. Add a long sleeve jersey and can be used as a replacement jacket in winter.

This is our third generation of this rain jacket and riders love it. Please see the size chart as the fit is designed for a small flap. * Manufacturers typically describe the waterproof / breathability of each fabric using two sets of numbers. The first number, in millimeters (mm) represents the waterproofness of the fabric. It’s 15,000 or 15,000. The second number represents the breathability of a fabric. This is expressed in grams and represents the amount of water vapor (hot air / sweat) that can pass through one square meter of fabric (from the inside to the outside) in 24 hours. ‘

Tell us a bit more about the technical aspects of the jacket?

Galibier Lists:

Long splash tail

A better performing fabric 15k / 13.58k

Pull easily, (even in gloves) storm zip.

Machine washable (30 degrees only)

8 reflective finishing elements.

Sustainable, as usual we are on ALL of our products.

Not designed to be compressible, but will roll up to fit in a large jersey pocket

179 grams (Large)

Rate the jacket for build quality:


Rate the jacket for its performance:


Rate the jacket for its durability:


Evaluate the waterproofness of the jacket based on the manufacturer’s rating:


Rate the breathability of the jacket based on the manufacturer’s rating:


Rate the jacket for fit:


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Rate the jacket for its comfort:


Rate the jacket for its value:


Is the jacket easy to maintain? How did he react to washing?

It was nice to be washed with Tech Wash detergent, according to the instructions.

Tell us how the jacket performed overall when used for its intended purpose

It is compressible and waterproof. That’s what’s written on the tin, and that’s what it does.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the jacket

He hits well above his weight; it’s as good as jackets twice and three times the price.

Tell us what you didn’t particularly like about the jacket

The forearms could be a little more generous.

How does the price compare to similar products on the market, including those recently tested on

Pro Vision’s Piccolo Rain Jacket is cheaper at £ 40, but isn’t actually waterproof. Most of the jackets we’ve reviewed over the past couple of years cost more, some much more.

Did you like using the jacket? Yes

Would you consider purchasing the jacket? Yes

Would you recommend the jacket to a friend? Yes

Use this box to explain your overall score

It’s excellent: it protects from the rain, without overheating you, it fits well, can be folded up to fit in a jersey pocket, and at £ 68 it’s great value, doing it all. that the jackets do twice and three times the price.

Age: 44 Height: 1.78 m Weight: 77kg

I usually drive: All! My best bike is: Ribble Endurance SL Disc

I have been driving since: Over 20 years I ride: Most days I would classify myself as: Expert

I regularly do the following types of riding: cyclo cross, commuting, hiking, club rides, mountain biking, Zwift

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