The 32 official hats of the 2018 NFL Draft, ranked

New Era has revealed the hats NFL rookies will wear when they’re chosen in the upcoming draft, and this year it’s all about the phrases.

Specifically, each hat has a team-specific phrase on the front and embroidered into the headband. So we decided to rank them based on how cool the two sayings combined are.

32. Dallas Cowboys

“America’s Team” belongs to another era of Cowboys football. Don’t you feel like there are so many other teams that deserve to be “Team America” ​​now? Or do we have to pretend that a franchise is “America’s team” to begin with? Come up with something new, please.

31. San Francisco 49ers

“Niners” is just the nickname of the team, not an original phrase.

30. Arizona Cardinals

“Cardinals Football”? Too bad, because “Rise Up Red Sea” is pretty cool.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars


28. Buffalo Notes

The weird spellings that look like typos bother me, and it also reminds me of Bill Belichick, who coaches the Bills’ rivals.

27. Miami Dolphins

We understood! Fins.

26. Philadelphia Eagles

I know I’m evaluating based on sentences – and these are correct, and yes, I know all about Fly eagles fly – but you don’t mind that the Eagles logo is off center?

25. New York Giants

The Giants probably couldn’t go any other direction here, so they went for the classics.

24. Denver Broncos

Not terrible either, but not great either.

23. New York Jets

Well I guess.

22. Houston Texans

Yes, we know you are Texans.

21. Los Angeles Chargers

I don’t need to see inside. “Superchargers”? That’s it?

20. Carolina Panthers

They should have reversed it – I prefer to wear a hat with “KEEP POUNDING” on the front.

19. Baltimore Ravens

How about an Edgar Allen Poe reference? I am kidding. But “Ravens Flock” is fine.

18. Indianapolis Colts

Twitter was confused by “Colts Forged” last year. We are still waiting for someone to enlighten us.

17. Minnesota Vikings

If I penalized the Eagles for an off-center logo, I have to do the same with the Vikes. But “Defend the North” is so good.

16. Washington Redskins

I can’t decide if the much shorter “HTTR” would have been better or worse. Probably worse.

15. Kansas City Chiefs

Right in the middle, that is to say where it is classified.

14. Tennessee Titans

I like “Titan Up” because it’s punny.

13. Detroit Lions

“One Pride” grows in me.

12. Cleveland Browns

I totally agree with calling Cleveland “The Land”.

11. Cincinnati Bengals

Everybody loves “Who Dey”, don’t they?

10. New Orleans Saints

Sums it up pretty well.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


8. Green Bay Packers

“Titletown USA” is one of the top 10 sports phrases.

7. Atlanta Falcons

Two great phrases to choose from.

6. Los Angeles Rams

Today I learned that “Mob Squad” is a thing with the Rams.

5. New England Patriots

A hat that says “DO YOUR JOB” is a message to the player being drafted, which is simply the most patriotic thing ever.

4. Oakland Raiders

I love that they used “Just win baby”.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

Simple and precise.

2. Chicago Bears

I admit I’m probably biased because “Monsters of the Midway” is the perfect sports nickname.

1. Seattle Seahawks

Look at the creativity!!! The use of the “12” flag is perfect and you don’t even need words inside to know what is being said.

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