Toads and snakes don their witch hats as Oglebay trails will be haunted this weekend

Read the article to see a little witch hat on a cranky toad, courtesy of Schrader Center staff

OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – There’s a place where you see the Creepers and Creepers all year round in Wheeling – But they’re dressing up for this weekend!

The trails are haunted on Saturday, October 9 at the Schrader Center in Oglebay!

This one night event will have an early session, for those who love Halloween for candy and costumes. There will be touch boxes, a falconer with an owl, petting snakes and treasure hunts from 4pm to 6pm!

Then, from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., the trail will be filled with scary faces for the older ones who like to jump in the woods!

Last year about 900 people ventured to be scared on hikes, and this year Naturalists-turned-Chuckies are bracing for the same energy.

“This year we have extended our trails to go further, so it will be a longer trail. And we’ve got a lot of people this year, including famous movies like Jason and Michael. So we are very excited about it all !. ”

Joelle Bensie, Deputy Director of the Schrader Center

Campfires will follow both sessions!

It’s $ 10 per child, with adults free for the first session and $ 10 per person for the haunted hike.

You can pre-register here or walk-in are also welcome!

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